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Instagrammable♥Nice breakfast at Australian style cafe♪

Hi, Ladies and gentlemen!

Here is Tulip from Ryukyu Entertainment(^^

It’s definetely winter in Okinawa♪  We can do lots of fun things in winter, too!

It can get chilly sometimes, so I recommend visitors to bring warmer jacket(^^♪

Actually, some place is best for winter season and there are so many instagrammable spots in winter♪

One of way to enjoy winter is to visit different cafe in Okinawa. There are various instagrammable cafe, somewhere unique in Okinawa.


Let me introduce nice cafe in Chatan (^^♪



It is located in Hamagawa, Chatan, approximately 7 minutes away from American village.It is built renovating American style flat housing building, quite foreign country atmosphere. Some surfing boards are exhibited in the cafe and makes you feel wanting to to to the beach after enjoying yummy coffee.

The atmosphere of the cafe is instagrammable since it is designed for international customers as they have many American customers who stop by for breakfast early in the morning. You will feel like you are in oversea♪(*^^*)

Here, you can enjoy Australian style breakfast(^^♪

The popular menu is GOOD DAY BREAKY($6.30). Served with crunchy bacon and sunny side up eggs on the toast along with some salad and fresh avocado slices.Umm, Yummy❤ Seasoning is very simple, only salt and peppers, so you can enjoy the natural flavor of each ingredients. We can have a nice start of the day when we have such a nice breakfast❤

We enjoyed various type of breakfast❤All GOOD♪  Herb Chicken Plate was quite something, nice grilled chicken, I loved it! 

Coffee is  served with various colorful cups and saucers. How exciting❤ Your Instragram will be full of various colors!

Menu is served in English, kind cafe for foreign customers (^^♪ 1 dollars=100Yen

Since Owner experienced living in Australia, he wants customers to taste nice Australian style Coffee and breakfast.  He is directly purchasing coffee beans from one of his favorite shop in Australia as he thinks it is one of the best. This is such a special cafe where we can enjoy real Aussie coffee and breakfast❤
Why don’t you update your Instagram with colorful breakfast and coffee?

They offer take away service for Surfers or those who are busy. You can quickly take away coffee or sandwiches, what an ideal cafe(^^♪

I couldn’t try, but french toast is quite delicious❤ Why not stop by Chatan and enjoy gourgeous breakfast??

Adress 178-1 Hamagawa Chatan Nakagami-gun, Okinawa
Hours 6:00-15:00
Closed Monday

*The information is based on July in 2017.






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