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Trip Plan❤Earliest Cherry Blossom to Okinawa

Hi, Everyone!

How are you doing? It was wonderful weather yesterday!! I thought summer was back during the winter season! There were many people in Araha beach in Chatan, spending time with family with summer clothes. Okinawa is best even in winter❤

There are so many things to do during winter in Okinawa(^^♪

So, today, I’d like to give you Okinawan Cherry Blossom Festival Information.  This helps you to make a trip plan early and come to Okinawa!

Cherry blossom can be said the representative flowers in Japan! In Okinawa, you can see the cherry blossom earliest during the year♪

The season is between January and February.  Okinawan Cherry blossom is called “Kanhi sakura.” The flower is vivid pink and beautiful, different beauty from mainland Japan’s cherry blossom❤ You will get excited to see hundreds of  amazing cherry blossom trees!

Many cherry blossom festivals are held all over in Okinawa during these season. If you are a cherry blossom lover, Janurary and Feburuary is the best season to visit Okinawa❤♪

Main Island of Okinawa Motobu town Yaedake


Okinawa Cherry Blossom Festival(Due to the weather or some situations, the date can be changed. For a detail, please contact office below in Japanese.)


Motobu Yaedake Cherry Blossom Festival

Jan 20〜Feb 4 , 2018

※Food Vendor only Jan 20(Sat), 21(Sun)

Yaedake Sakura no Mori Park 921 Namisato Motobu cho, Okinawa


Cherry Blossom Festival Planning Committee TEL 0980-47-2700

Nakijin Gusuku Cherry Blossom Festival

 Jan 27〜Feb 12, 2018
8:00~21:00 ※Final Entrance 20:30

Nakijin Catsle ruin 5101 Tomari Nakijin, Kunigami gun, OKinawa


Nakijin Gusuku Kouryu Center TEL 0980-56-4400
Cherry Blossom Festival Planning Committee TEL 0980-56-2256

Nago Cherry Blossom Festival

Jan 28〜Jan29, 2018

Nago Catsle Ruin Sakura Park 
Main street of Nago city, Nago fish market facility
Nago Chuo Park


Nago Sightseeing Association TEL 0980-53-7755

Yaese Cherry Blossom Festival

Feb 4 , 2018 ※First Sunday in February

Yaese Park 1637 Tomimori Yaese cho, Okinawa


Yaese Cherry Blossom Festival Planning Committee TEL 098-998-2668

Naha Cherry Blossom Festival

Feb 21~25, 2018

Yogi Park 1-1Yogi, Naha City, Okinawa


All Okinawa Flowers Growers Association(Cherry Blossom Festival Planning Committee) TEL 098-855-2552




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