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A nice photo spot for Instagram❤

Ladies and Gentleman!!

How are you all doing♪

Are you enjoying autumn in Okinawa??By the way, are you using Instagram??Recently, there are more good places for photo spots for Instagram(^^♪ For an examples, there are many stylish cafes, restaurants and interesting icreamshops and items shops. We start to enjoy taking photos for our SNS more and more♪ Some spots provide various items for photo shooting. Other places offer yummy coloful sweets, and some other places just offer breathtaking scnery for the photos♪ Today, I’d like to introduce you a great spot for Instagram photos(^^♪

It is called RikaRika Warumi Hashi no Eki(Bridge Station). You might be surprised and feel why this spot. Actually, this spot has many good features and items for photo shooting(^^♪


Please take a look at this amazing view❤ A vivid red color parasol with breathtaking blue ocean view with greenery♪ Best spot for your Instagram photo!

You can see Kouri island bridge, amazing view❤Your picture will be in amazing contrast of beautiful blue and green(^^♪


It is located at Nakijin village. You can purchase local vegetables  and fruits such as dragon fruits, starfruits, pineapples, mangos, papaiya and bittermelon(^^♪ Why don’t you buy some of them and use them as items for photos?❤


They provide free rental Okinawan traditional costume. Isn’t it amazing? What a kind provision! Why not try some of costumes with your friends and family and take nice photos with amazing background❤

Isn’t it cute picture of colorful mother cow(^^♪ 


Quoted from:Nakijin Sightseeng Association

Ice cream is very tasty, enjoy some flavors❤Why don’t you stop by this location and enjoy photo shooting?


Quoted from:tabelog

There are interesting looking rental mini bikes(^^♪ It looks so much fun!Try these one, too(^^♪


Information】 RikaRika Warumi Bridge Station
Address 1124-5 Tenzoko Nakijin 904-0393
TEL 0980-56-1223
Official Website http://www.nakijinson.jp/get/rikarika/

*The information is based on March in 2017.







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