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Still summer in Okinawa♪

Hi, Everyone! How are you doing??

Tulip from Ryukyu Entertainment(^^♪

Okinawa! We thought autumn was coming. Yet, It is still summer in Okinawa!It is getting cooler in mainland Japan and everybody starts to prepare warm clothes (^^♪

However, for Okinawa, summer still exists❤

Summer offer amazing cobalt blue ocean and clear sky with pure white clouds. We can enjoy yummy mango ice shaving❤Yes, it is indeed summer! Even though it is getting cooler at night, still it is 31 degree during the day time. Sun in Okinawa is very strong, so please don’t forget to use sunscreen.Protect your skin(^^♪

Today, I’d like to take you to summer drive in Okinawa♪

You can enjoy different blue in Okinawa(^^♪ Ocean has many expression, isn’t it amazing? If you can’t afford to go to Hawaii, why not visit Okinawa and enjoy summer?You can still enjoy snorkeling and diving!

Hibiscus! Reminding us of summer!What a vivid red color. It is beautiful, I love it(^^♪❤

As we go for a drive to most northern part, we came across with this sign regarding Yanbarukuina(OkinawaRail). It is designated as protected species.

As a local, I have come across with Yanbarukuina a few times in the past while I was in the north. The beak was red color, amazing(^^♪It is a very special bird❤

Here is another sign for warning not to run over Yunbarukuina. It is unique sing, only in Okinawa. When you go for a drive to north on your own, you come across with various unique things in Okinawa. It is so much fun❤

Shisa is welcoming you!It shows so much dignity. We came across with this huge shisa statue in the middle of the field.It was interesting.


Mango ice shaving is a treat in hot Okinawa❤ We stopped  at a shop which provides mango sweets ♪

Look at this yummy mango(^^♪ How a lot it is!It was perfect for 4 girls, we all enjoyed fully(^^♪

Our day finishes with beautifulsun set❤ We could see amazing sunset made us wonder if we were really in Japan(^^♪

Look at this amazing sunset picture(^^♪

Oh, I don’t want to go home, but, I am so satisfied(^^♪ Wonderful day!

Ladies and gentleman, please visit Okinawan and enjoy your last summer this year!






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