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Instagrammable❤Enjoy Rainbow Bagel in the Popular town, Chatan

Hi Everyone!! How are you doing? 

Tulip from Ryukyu Entertainment(^^♪


Wow, can you believe it is already in December?? It is winter in OKinawa! 

Now is the time to enjoy taking beautiful photos for your Instagram❤ Why not explore nice cafes and restaurants in Okinawa and enjoy different faces of Okinawa!


So, as for today, I’d like to introduce one of Instagrammable sight which offer amazingly colorful sweets❤ It’s located in Chatan town, in the middle of Okinawa island, easy to access♪

It’s Coffee& Bread Caracalla

As some of you might know, there are various tourist spots in Chatan town such as American village, sunset beach, etc. The cafe is located at the area called Hamagawa, approximately 7 minutes away from American village. There are many American style housings and lots of foreigners live in the area. Since the cafe is using the American style housing, atomosphere is quite nice♪ It is known for Rainbow Bagel among the local. 

Look at this vivid colors!! It is Rainbow Bagel

It opens at 8 am and offer coffee and bread. It is one of nice cafe for breakfast♪

You can enjoy Breakfast with quite reasonable cost, only 500 yen. (*The price might  be changed.)

There are various type of Rainbow Bagel menu. 

You can order either single, or “Sandwich menu” such as cream cheese and jam.  Single 400yen Sandwich 500yen


The cafe offers various beverages : Coffee, Latte, Mango soda, original lemonade (300 – 350 yen)^^♪


As for Main menu, original baguette Sandwich called “Bain mee.” It is vietnamese style sandwich with Sweet Chilli sauce, pork paste and coriander. Umm,it’s a best sandwich ever for a coriander lover like me❤


There are vairous cafe in this area, but My recommendation is definietely this cafe which offer this rainbow bagel!!

It  is worth to try!!! Come with friends and family❤


【Info.】 Coffee& Bread


Address 155 Hamagawa Chatan town, Okinawa
Hours 8:00-15:00
Closed Monday& Tuesday

*The information is based on July in 2017.




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