Winter in Okinawa

Winter Trip:Exizotic location Umikaji Terrace♪

Hi, friends!!! How are you all???

Tulip from Ryukyu Entertainment!(^^♪

Well, it is raining today. It’s still beautiful day in Okinawa. All the greens looks even more lively💛


Let me introduce you another Enjoyable spot during Winter


Today, I’d like to take you to very convenient spot from the airport, Umikaji Terrace


“Senaga Island Umikaji Terrace” is about 15 minutes from Okinawa Naha airport by vehicles.  It is shopping and leisure complex right in front of west coast of Senaga island. (^^♪



There are 42 premises including various restaurants which offer Okinawa cuisine, Italian dish , Hamburgers, Ramen,etc. as well as cafe and sweets shop♡




As for shopping, there are casual and stylish jewellery shop, skin care brand shop which offer the product made from Okinawan natural plants, France-originated fashion sneaker shop as well as marine shop where you can apply for sea kayaking activity or stand-up puddle at near by ocean ♪





Unfortunately, the day I went was overcast, still the facillity was so facinating(^^♪ It was so open and exiotic atomosphere💛

One of it’s attraction is it’s location. You can enjoy Okinawan ocean while eating or shopping(^^♪


The Sweets shop offer yummy scorn set at the cost of only 500 yen💛 They offer Yum-cha set as well♪ Scorn lovers, you can’t miss it!

You can enjoy yummy sweets and coffee Ice Cream Cafe

Please take a look!The new style of Ice cream shake with the combination of Jimaami Tofu and Ice cream!What a interesting combination♪ It is quite facinating menu  not only for tourists but also for the local!!


Jimami Tofu 、Do you know what it is? Jimami means Peanuts in Okinawan dialect. 


Jimami Tofu is not Tofu, but it is a sweets using peanuts, more like peanuts jello, some how looks like Tofu, interesting! Please try at least once this yummy unique sweets♪


Umikaji Terrace♡ where makes us feel like we are in foreign country such as Greece. 

Why not stop by first day or last day of Okinawa??Enjoy your trip to Okinawa!


Info.】 Umikaji Terrace
Address Senaga Island Umikaji Terrace 174-6 Senaga Tomigusuku city, Okinawa
Hours 10:00-21:00(depending on the premises )
Closed Depending on the premises

*The information is based on July 2017. 





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