Winter in Okinawa, 沖縄の遊びスポット, ...

Enjoy Okinawa in winter season❤Umikaji terrace seriese1 

Hello, friends!  

Tulip from Ryukyu Entertainment(^^♪

How are you enjoying winter in Okinawa?? Or those who are planning to come to Okinawa  during the winter, I ‘d like to recommend one nice spot  for you, it is Umikaji Terrace

It is located in Senaga Island close to Naha airport. It is the commercial facility opened in July, 2015, very convenient place. 

You can access this island without taking ferry. There is a nice hotel where you can enjoy spa facility in winter time(^^♪

I’d like to talk about this facility as series, so please don’t miss it. 




Well, as for today, I’d like to introduce one of popular shop in Umikajiterrace, “Oyaji no maguro(Father’s Tuna)“(^^♪

It is run by a couple, husband’s father is a fisherman specialist for Tuna. The shop mainly serve fresh Tuna menu. You can enjoy various menu such as Tuna donburi, Hawaiian style “Ahi poki rice.”served with Tuna, row egg and fresh avocado. You will definitely satisfied with Okinawan fresh Tuna(^^♪

I personally love the combination of Tuna and Avocado! How satisfying(^^♪

If you want to try Tuna donburi, you can choose size depending on your apetite♪

Oyajino maguro(Tuna donburi)  Small 750yen、Midium 880yen、Large1200yen

Ahi Poki Rice  1250yen


Enjoy fresh Tuna while facing water(^^♪

After enjoying yummy lunch, happy shopping time is waiting, very convenient facility♪

[Info.] Oyaji no Maguro
Address Senaga Island Umikaji Terrace174-6 Senaga Tomishiro city, Okinawa
Hours 11:00-21:00
CLosed not set day

*The information is based on July 2017.




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