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Instagrammable💛Beautiful Ryukyu kimono photo at Okinawa World Park!

Hi, friends!!! 

Tulip from Ryukyu Entertainment is here(^^♪

It has been amazing weather in Okinawa. Sun light feel  so nice on us.


Well, today, let me introduce another best spot which offer  a photo shooting for nice instagrammable photos(^^♪


Last time, I was talking about the cave in the south of Okinawa. There is a small photo studio in the facility of Okinawa World which offer photo shooting with beautiful Okinawan style Kimono💛

Okinawa World is registered tangible Cultural designated property of Japan including the cave I introduced last time. 


In the park, there are brewary for Okinawan Sake and local beer  and also ryukyu kingdom village where offer the experience of Okinawan traditional art and crafts. 


There is a studio called Ryukyu Studio, actually using the traditional Okinawan housing. You can get instagrammable photos with gorgeous Ryukyu kimono. Why not try with your family, or as a couple or with your best friends during the trip to Okinawa♪

YOu can get  photo shooting for the Photos with Ryukyu kimono !!!Another attractive point is it’s price!! Very cheap(^^♪


This studio is located near museum in the facility of Ryukyu kingdom village. You can spot the place on the left side just before the musium. 


The staff will help you to put on Ryukyu style kimono within 30 seconds, isn’t it amazing??? It’s cost is only 500 yen per person!!Unbelievable price♪

Total hours will be 10 minutes

You can get super excited with this experience(^^♪ It is so popular and many people visit this place , you can’t miss it.

You can also explore the park with wearing kimono, that is another service with the cost of 1500 yen person. It can be even better for taking your own instagrammable photos. 

There are various colors kimoto, you can choose your favorite design and color yourself♪ 

As for some accecery, they provide you some hibiscus flowers and ryukyu style hut, so you can choose some of them, too♪ Why don’t you take your best shot with beautiful Asian costume???

It is also very popular among tourists from oversea!! Here are some photos, isn’t she Beautiful💛 She was uploading some photos in her Instagram right away(^^♪

Why don’t you upload your unforgettable memory in your own Instagram???

There are also male version of Ryukyu style Kimoto, wow with dignity!!!

You will feel like you have become Ryukyu Dynasty King& Queen(^^♪

They also take some photos using your own camera or smartphone. They offer a beautiful professional photo with beautiful design paper photo frame with the cost of 1100 yen.♪

Why don’t you try these ethizotic photo shooting experience??

Please come to Okinawa world and enjoy this unforgettable experience and make your instagram amazingly Asian and exotic





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