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Enjoy Amazing time at Okinawa World💛


Hi, Ladies and Gentleman!!

Tulip from Ryukyu Entertainment!!(^^♪ It’s been for a while!!

It is a new year 2018(^^♪ Let’s have a good start of the year!!


Well, I hope all of you enjoy winter in Okinawa!!!

There are so many fun spots in Okinawa during winter, too!!Continously from last month, Let me introduce you Okinawa World


Of course, depending on your schedule and plans, I recommend free pass for those who want to enjoy this park fully. Free pass allow us to enjoy whole park facilities include Kingdom village/Cave/Habu(Okinawan poisonous snake) museum park.


Last time, I introduce a lot about cave, so today, let me talk about Tropical fruits village・Ryukyu kingdom village・Ryukyu Glass factory as well as Habu museum park(^^♪



After enjoying cave, you will come out to Tropical fruits village. Here, you can see various trees or plants such as Mango・Papaya・Pineapple. You can also enjoy watching varous fruits trees from other countries!


Tropical Fruits Village

Pineapple field after harvesting

You can purchase and taste  yummy fresh tropical fruits or juice at this village♪

Look at these vivid colored, yummy looking fruits(^^♪

Fruits kingdom(fruits shop)

One of must  try  is Fresh Coconuts juice♪ You will definitely feel that you are in the subtropical island!!!

Look at these various tropical juice and ice shaving with reasonable price(^^♪ Why not try some juice with some fruits you never tried??

Ryukyu Glass Factory shop

You can try making your own Ryukyu glass at Ryukyu Glass kindom factory.Why not try making Your own original glass with your friends and family members?

As for small numbers, you don’t need to book beforehand.

It might take about 3 min~1 hour. Depending on the age and preference(^^♪

Once you leave Kingdom village and walk toward exit of the park, you will find Habu museum park.


Habu show is held regularly at this park and you can learn the nature or secret of Habu. Various snakes are exibited at this museum, so those who love reptiles can not miss here!

Well, those who visit Okinawa during winter time, please don’t miss this amazingly fun park of Okinawa!!!

Okinawa World 
Address 1336 Maekawa Tamagusuku Nanjo city, Okinawa
Hours 9:00-18:00 (Final Entrance 17:00) 
Closed Open Every day
Tel 098-949-7421

Entrance Fee

  Adult Child Group
Free Pass(Cave・Village・Habu park) ¥1,650 ¥830 大人¥1,440 小人¥720
Cave&Kingdom Village ¥1,240 ¥620 大人¥1,030 小人¥520
Kingdom Village only  ¥620 ¥310 大人¥520 小人¥260
Habu museum park only  ¥620 ¥310 大人¥520 小人¥260

※Child is from age of 4ー14 years old. From 15 years old onward, Adult fee will be charged.
※Tax included to the fee.
※Group: more than 15 people. 

*The information is based on July in 2017. 





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