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Instagrammable sight:Enjoy German pancakes at Mother Coffee❤

Hello, Ladies and gentlemen!

Tulip from Ryukyu Entertainment(^^♪

Are you enjoying the cold weather in Okinawa? There are various cafes in Okinawa, which offer nice atmosphere, environment and yummy food. Why don’t you make a tour to these cafes in Okinawa and make your instagram colorful and fun(^^♪

Well, today, let me introduce to you a very popular cafe among the local and the tourists, it is MOTHER COFFEE

It is located in a kind of hidden area in Kitanakagusuku village. You will never imagine there is a cafe here. It is surrounded by beautiful greenery and you will feel like time has stopped. 

The cafe offers a new type of pancake, born in Germany, called “Dutch Baby“(^^♪

It’s surface is baked well, so crunchy while it’s inside is very moist. It’s a new experience❤ I’ve never tried this kind of pancake!


The cafe uses original blend coffee called “mother blend”,  blended for only this cafe by a popular roaster place in Okinawa City, “Mame Pore Pore.” You will be satisfied with their coffee^^♪ Mother Blend 480 yen. They also offer Espresso, mother Late, flavor latte coffee, etc. Price range for coffee is from 400 yen to 650 yen.


There are various type of Dutch Baby pancakes. My favorite is Berry Berry❤(780yen)with the topping of lots of beries and fresh cream! Umm, it looks so beautiful that I can keep watching it! Please try it at least once!


For those who feel like having savories. There are various, topping such as  Mentaiko(seasoned cod roe)Potato Mochi(Sticky rice cake), Sausages, Bacons, Teriyaki  and Macaroni cheese Dutch Baby(880 yen each). Why don’t you come back and try different Dutch Baby??

As for sweets, Plain, sweet potatoes, chocolate banana, berry berry, apple caramel flavors. Price range is from 680 – 880 yen.

The cafe also offers Morning toast plate menu for breakfast(^^♪



The cafe is loved by both local and tourists. Since arking space is limitted due to many custmers, I recommend you to car pool if it is possible(^^♪ There are many American style housings in this area as it used to be miritary community. Still so many non-Japanese reside in this area and they enjoy stop by this cafe for breakfast or for lunch. So you will have an oppotunity to peek into the local ‘s life. What a nice life! You might want to move to Okinawa♪


【Info.】 Mother Coffee
Address 588 Zukeran Kitanakagusuku village, Okinawa
Hous 7:00-17:00(Morning till 11am)
Phone number 050-5265-6013
Closed Thursday

*The information is based on July in 2017.





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